Almanac: a Pantry E-book!

I’m very excited to announce the release of my first E-book – Almanac!

This Almanac will be a quarterly, seasonal collection of recipes and inspirations to eat and create throughout the year. My life revolves a lot around my pantry, which is a constant source of last minute ingredients, flavor, and provision. Here, I’ll aim to present pantry tricks and tools to build your repertoire and possibilities. With a well stocked larder, you are unstoppable!

In this first edition, there are bright citrus recipes including marmalade, tabbouleh, and an IPA Citrus bitters preparation to enliven cocktail hour. There are also recipes for fermented mustard, oven baked fries with black garlic miso gravy, and a garlic porter beer recipe that I promise is fantastic. On top of that, read on to create your own pantry calendar, grow salad indoors, and read a sourdough rye bread philosophy. While it hasn’t felt much like winter here in Maryland this year, there’s still time to take stock of the year, build your pantry, and plan for the busy warm months ahead.

Check out the Almanac for devices or desktop. Either version can be read online or downloaded for a pdf reader. Please leave questions and feedback in the comments!

If you enjoy this book, please consider donating through paypal here!

As always, thanks for reading!

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