Rhythms of Home

All has been quiet here for a few weeks! I’m just returning from a two and half week trip including a week with family in Bar Harbor, Maine; four nights in Quebec, Quebec; camping in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom; Fourth of July in Southern Maryland; and a few remaining weekend days spent foraging, gardening, and laying low at home in Baltimore.

It’s been a little tough to get back into the rhythms of home, work, and routine. With Jake’s third year of medical school in the rearview mirror, both he and I are eager to reach the finish line that while still several months away, feels so much closer than it has before. It feels abrupt to leave our favorite places and future dreams to return to the daily routine of doing the work to get the dreams done.

While I may desire to continue to rest, the house, the garden, and the city trees do not sleep. The house quietly requests attention, especially after two and a half weeks without care. Herb seed must be gathered, fresh herbs and greens harvested, flowers cut, weeds and vines cut back, trees mulched. Kombucha, kimchi, and hot sauce are ready to package and bottle. Cucumbers arrive in one pickle jar’s worth daily. Mead is ready to bottle. It’s canning season, and I must take stock of the cellar and take notes to begin again. And neighborhood fruit is in harvest – mulberries, serviceberries, blackberries, wineberries, apples are just beginning, and plums are on the horizon. The gifts ebb and flow and in summer, cascade.

I have many pickles and plants to attend to—including these lovely unripe plums from the park that I am hoping will make a passable attempt at ume. Soon it will be time for sauerkraut, canning tomatoes, drying chiles, and autumn will reveal what the plums become. Until then, I have much to do!

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