Welcome to our Pittsburgh garden!

After a long silence it feels good to be writing here again! This spring and summer so far I have been busy with all things moving–from Baltimore, MD to Pittsburgh, PA.

It’s been a few months of whirlwind since we found out that Jake matched into residency in Pittsburgh, followed by his medical school graduation, house searching, moving, goodbyes, a new job hunt for me, and starting to get to know our new city. So far we’ve been loving exploring Pittsburgh–good food and drink, interesting parks, arts, and fruit trees are in ready supply!

Luckily, we found a great house to rent and we’ve been hard at work getting our large started. Even with a late spring start we’ve been able to clear 14 large beds, all around 70 square feet. For fall, we planted tomatoes, greens, eggplants, peppers, beans, herbs, and more that are all well on their way.

I still feel new here and am missing old friends, but Pittsburgh has opened up a lot of possibilities, including the chance to realize our garden so much further than before. I’m grateful for all I’ve learned over the past few years about nurturing soil, crop planning, and plant care–lessons I’ve been leaning on a lot just as I’m learning more.

On the horizon, there are even possibilities nearby for a flower lot, a renovated orchard, and berry foraging–much communion with the city and the earth lies ahead.

With all this change and life and hard work, I’m taking some pride and solace in plenty of good eating we’ve already been lucky to have! It’s gratifying that already we have fresh greens, basil, and chiles, with the first tomatoes, eggplants, and cucumbers just starting to trickle in. I’m definitely loving all the freshness on our plates and I’m allowing myself a little pride in a garden that until recently I only dreamed about. Wishing you all the best summer feasting!

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