Weekend Reading

Ifย healthy, sustainable, delicious food is going to come to dominate our culture, eating in this way needs to be accessible, easy, tasty, and fast so that all people can increase their patronage of local farms and embrace home cooking in ways that work for them. Along those lines, I’ve been very interested in the new…

Further Reading

Here are some great reads I’ve gotten into over the past few weeks, including many about creative farming and reflections on the future of our food systems.

Weekend Reading

Planting can mean a lot of things, from both literal planting to sowing innovation, sustainability, welcome, and partnership to benefit the growth of a nation into the future. Along those lines, some great reads from the past few weeks are collected here.

Weekend Reading

In winter, I relish the extra time in my days to catch up on reading. Here are a few interesting reads I checked out this week.

Garden Update: December & January

Now that the new year has officially come, it’s time to reflect on the last garden season’s successes and plan for next year’s veggies.

Fall Reading List

I am always amazed at how much there is to see, do, learn, and read. I can never have too many books to read on food culture and history, recipes, botany, sustainable living, vegetables, brewing, fermentation, and creativity.