Tomato Salad + Roasted Garlic

It feels like tomatoes have taken a while to arrive this year. Maybe it’s because my own tomatoes didn’t make it through a June trip away from the garden, or maybe it’s the cycles of rain and blistering heat that have delayed my CSA’s harvest, but I’ve been anxious to eat as many tomatoes as…

Summer Corn Chowder

This chowder is creamy, mildly sweet and savory, perfect for a late summer night. Grab some produce at the market and get cooking!

Garden Update: August 2016

A large tomato harvest came and went, sun loving plants like okra and eggplant have begun producing fruits, and planted the first succession of fall roots and cooler weather herbs.


Giardiniera, that delicious mixed veggie bowl of tangy, salty, tasty pickles, is ridiculously easy to make. Gather up any extra veggies you have, chop them up, and toss them in. You’re on your way to an amazing side and snack. I do enjoy cauliflower, garlic, carrots, and pepperocini as the backbone of any good giardiniera, but you…

Garden Salsa

This Saturday Baltimore had a storm of epic proportions. On Sunday I noticed that many tomatoes had swelled with water and cracked from the moisture. When life cracks your tomatoes, you can make salsa.