Tomato Salad + Roasted Garlic

It feels like tomatoes have taken a while to arrive this year. Maybe it’s because my own tomatoes didn’t make it through a June trip away from the garden, or maybe it’s the cycles of rain and blistering heat that have delayed my CSA’s harvest, but I’ve been anxious to eat as many tomatoes as…

Kenilworth Market Basil Noodles

As the weather has gotten warmer, I’ve missed easing through spring a bit, but am now starting to crave some summer goodness! Asparagus and basil overlap their seasons for just a few weeks and make a tasty spring treat together! 

Spring Homestead Supper

Homestead Supper, Saturday, May 19th, 7 pm, South Baltimore Just over a week ago, I had the pleasure of hosting another wonderful Homestead Supper featuring delicious spring produce. I feel so grateful to everyone that made my latest Spring Homestead Supper possible – it was a delicious and truly magical evening! I am so lucky to be able to create dishes…

Winter Homestead Supper

I began hosting Homestead Suppers on the intuition that I would enjoy making creative food, welcoming curious eaters into my home, and providing a delicious and welcoming service experience. As I’ve continued to host my supper series these goals have come true beyond what I imagined was possible: Homestead Suppers are intimate, personal, and full…

Winter Solstice Supper

Winter Solstice is a time of celebration, harvest, and gifts given and appreciated, and our meal was much the same.