Almanac: a Pantry E-book!

I’m very excited to announce the release of my first E-book – Almanac: a quarterly, seasonal collection of recipes and inspirations to eat and create throughout the year.

2016 Pantry Notes

2016 was another great year for my pantry! Included are my notes on quantities of preserved produce throughout each month.

Meyer Lemon Marmalade

In winter, I love making a little bit of marmalade for some bright color, flavor, and Vitamin C!


Apple season is upon us! In Baltimore apples are ripening this month, while up north apples are will be arriving through November. I’m super excited to make all the appley goodness including cider, cider jelly, apple pies, and applesauce. I’ll also be teaching a hands on applesauce workshop next Wednesday, September 21 with the Baltimore…

Dried Herbs

I can finally create my own dried herbs for winter seasoning or herbal infusions. I’ve been drying rosemary, sage, oregano, lavender, and more.

Strawberry Jam Guide

I love strawberry jam – there’s nothing quite like capturing the flavor of strawberries as they are just perfect, sweet, tart, and a little crisp. I buy strawberries locally in season at their peak ripeness because seasonal local flavors are best!

Raspberry Smoothie Ice

These raspberry cubes are great in smoothies for a quick fruit addition. Also a great addition to a balsamic salad dressing or fruit mustard!

Salt Preserved Lemons

For this preserve I used with lemons foraged from a trash heap after the winter farmer’s market. This preparation is a perfect use of bagged lemons – I am often drawn to low cost bags of lemons only to watch them get old when I don’t use them all. Salt-preserving citrus is also a great tool for surpluses…

Pantry Notes: 2015

Here is a rough outline on the food that I ate, gathered, grew, and put up for storage throughout the year. I’ve been using this as a guide to remember and update recipes and gauge how much food to make in 2016. It’s pretty cool to reflect on the variety and quantity of great foods I was able to receive last year.