Tomato Salad + Roasted Garlic

It feels like tomatoes have taken a while to arrive this year. Maybe it’s because my own tomatoes didn’t make it through a June trip away from the garden, or maybe it’s the cycles of rain and blistering heat that have delayed my CSA’s harvest, but I’ve been anxious to eat as many tomatoes as…

Whole Canned Tomatoes

Last night I had the great pleasure of teaching a tomato canning workshop at Hungry Harvest in Baltimore. Hungry Harvest is a very cool organization – they rescue food waste due to misshapen produce, wholesale over ordering, or shipping inefficiencies, then redistribute the produce similarly to a CSA. Canning is a fantastic tool to preserve…

Garden Salsa

This Saturday Baltimore had a storm of epic proportions. On Sunday I noticed that many tomatoes had swelled with water and cracked from the moisture. When life cracks your tomatoes, you can make salsa.

Garden Update: July 2016

The garden is a straight up jungle right now, and it’s incredibly rewarding to be eating food that began as a tiny seed in March!