Spring Radish Kimchi

One of my favorite things about spring is the abundance of radishes. This radish kimchi was my first preparation for our wedding reception!

Veg Sushi

Sushi at home can be anything! Skip the fish and make your own from veggies, pickles, and tasty things.

Garden Update: April 2017

Spring is happening! The weather has warmed up and all of my plants are coming up so quickly. This time of year it feels really shocking and amazing to go from a few lackluster houseplants to beds full of tiny green sprouts full of potential.

Garden Update: December & January

Now that the new year has officially come, it’s time to reflect on the last garden season’s successes and plan for next year’s veggies.

Garden Update: September 2016

This month I’ve started to transition my space into fall planting. I’m starting cooler weather greens and herbs, as well as some root vegetables.

Root Vegetable Latkes

Latkes usually feature potatoes and parsnips, but many root veggies and squash will make delicious fritters, too! Try mixing up your latke game by using celery root, turnips, and zucchini for a twist.

Garden Update: August 2016

A large tomato harvest came and went, sun loving plants like okra and eggplant have begun producing fruits, and planted the first succession of fall roots and cooler weather herbs.

Garden Update: July 2016

The garden is a straight up jungle right now, and it’s incredibly rewarding to be eating food that began as a tiny seed in March!